Museum of the Peace Corps Experience


Frequently Asked Questions

Following are answers to the questions we hear most often. Please e-mail us if your question isn't addressed here.

I'm a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer.  How can I donate my art, artifacts, photographs, and writings?

The Committee for a Museum of the Peace Corps Experience (CMPCE) currently has no permanent storage or exhibit space.  We are building a constituency for our concept through quality temporary exhibits of items loaned by fellow RPCVs.  We are currently seeking funds that will lead us in the direction of obtaining and operating a facility.

We very much look forward to the day when our future curatorial staff can sift through all your great material to build a permanent collection.  We will keep you updated on our progress through this website.

Why Portland?

The Pacific Northwest is called home by a large number of current and returned Peace Corps Volunteers.  The global focus of the Portland region's population is not currently served by a comprehensive museum of international cultures and geography.  People visit Portland from all over the country, and a Museum of the Peace Corps Experience would be one of the region's key attractions.

We intend to be a national resource for materials related to the Peace Corps experience.  While our facility will be in Portland, we will have an active program of traveling exhibits that over time will serve every interested corner of the United States.

We do not aspire to be the sole archivist of the Peace Corps.  We endorse and encourage efforts of other groups around the country to tell the Peace Corps story through exhibits.

If I make a donation, what will you do with the money?

First of all, you will receive a thank-you letter for your tax-deductible contribution.

Most funds at this stage are going toward capacity-building activities (such as publicity, fundraising, grant writing, and board development) leading us toward our near-term goals of a temporary facility, paid staff, and an interpretive plan for the permanent museum.  The remaining funds are being applied to our biennial exhibits.

Your assistance today will provide an immediate boost to our ability to attract the attention and resources necessary to establish the museum.