Contribute an Object

The Museum accepts objects on an ongoing basis. Objects of interest include, but are not limited to, those associated with:

  • specific Peace Corps programs, e.g., malaria or HIV eradication, agriculture, or teaching
  • challenges that volunteers face, e.g., language, health, transportation, or food
  • relationships with local residents
  • significant Peace Corps events, people, or locales
  • occupational practices, e.g., traditional agriculture, medicine, or food preparation
  • tools, equipment, household items, or clothing used by volunteers or local residents

The Museum collects objects of material culture and stories for preservation, exhibition, education, and research. To submit an item for consideration, click on Gift an Object below or email

Items such as diaries, letters, or photographs will be considered if they accompany donated objects. The Peace Corps Community Archive at American University collects and preserves these materials, plus journals, reports, lesson plans, scrapbooks, photographs, and film, video, and audio recordings.