Zack Klim


Volunteer Staff

Debbie Manget

Collections Team Leader

Sarah Fry

Collections Team Member

Judith Madden-Sturges

Collections Team Member

Diane Hibino

Many Faces of Peace Corps Co-Chair and Stories Editor

Daniel Arnold

CRM and Membership Specialist

Ky Huynh

Curator of Stories

Ariana Richard

Marketing and Communications Team Member

Christine A. Wolf

Marketing Team Member

Joey LaHuffman

Many Faces of Peace Corps Team Member

David Arnold

Story Editor

Dr Justin D Bibee

Exhibits Team Member

Evelyn Ganzglass

Faces Team Member

David Koppers

Marketing Team Member

Jeannette Sanchez, MBA, MA, CDEIC

Many Faces Team Member

Diane R Hemphill

Video Editor

Sedem Adiabu

Many Faces of Peace Corps Co-Leader

Mary Kay Schoen

Stories Editor

Sena Tensay

Many Faces of Peace Corps Co-leader

Marco Moreno

Samoa 2019–2020

Violet Esipila

Ukraine 2017–2020

Katrina Mathis

Guinea 1994–1996

Alison Kahn

Benin 1976-1977

Laurel Kessler

Ethiopia 1964–1966

LeTarché Collins

Honduras 2007-2009

Philippines 2016-2018,
Peru 2018-2020

Board of Directors

John Rude

Board President and Story Editor

Peter V. Deekle

Board Secretary and Collections Team Member

Angie Harris

Board Vice President/Fundraising Consultant

Anne Baker

Board Member

Chet Orloff

Board Member

Nicola Dino

Board member, Exhibit Team Lead

Nicole Banister

Board Member

Brenda Sanchez



John Fleming

Malawi 1967-1969