Guidelines for Story Editors and Authors

The following guidelines offeer a framework for consistent story publication.

Place and type of publication

Final text and photographic illustrations are published online on the Museum’s website and on Google Earth.


Stories are formatted following the Museum style guide which generally follows the Chicago Manual of Style.

Authors of stories

Stories may be written by returned Peace Corps volunteers, former Peace Corps staff, and host-country staff and counterparts.


Text should be submitted as Word document attached to a donor form. Most published stories are between 300 and 700 words in length. 

Multiple stories by the same author

The Museum accepts more than one story by the same author. Generally, only one story will be published on the website at a time.

Maintain the voice of the writer through editing process

Editors will endeavor to respect and maintain the voice of the author.

Author’s rights

  • Authors reserve the right to approve final text for publication.
  • Authors retain copyright ownership of the story.
  • The curator notifies the author and editor by email when the story is published.

Photos for publication

  • Photos in JPEG (.jpg) or PNG (.png) formats are preferred. Photos may be edited.
  • Photos should always be separately attached to a donor form or an email and not be embedded within the story’s text.
  • Authors should add a separate Word document with date/year, location, objects, people, places, or images in photographs in a.

Audio, music, videos for publication

  • If a story includes a topic related to audio or music, include samples in an mp3 file.
  • If a story includes a video, upload the video as an mp4 file.