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Anne Baker Joins the Board of Directors

The Museum of the Peace Corps Experience is pleased to announce the appointment of Anne Baker to its Board of Directors. Anne joined the Board at the end of 2023 along with Angie Harris and Nicole Banister, all prominent figures in their respective fields and in the Peace Corps community.

Anne brings extensive experience with the RPCV community and non-profit management to the Museum. Following Peace Corps service and nine years of teaching in the U.S., Anne began her career at National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) by heading up the global education program, Global TeachNet. She retired in 2022 as Vice President, a position she filled for 18 of her over 25 years at NPCA. As Vice President, she led efforts to transform the organization through dynamic program generation, innovative operational improvements, and engaging community relations efforts. In addition to the Museum, she volunteers with the Friends of Fiji and Peace Corps Community for Refugees.

“My grandparents started traveling the world after retirement and I heard their stories about remote corners of the world. I remember thinking that was something I wanted to experience,” explains Anne. “Two years after college, I joined the Peace Corps and found myself in the Fiji Islands teaching high school physics, math and physical science. And now, many years later and in my retirement, I’m sorting and scanning over 10,000 slides from remote corners of the globe and other memories from my grandparents and all of our travels. My decision to join the Peace Corps is probably the single most important decision I have ever made. My Peace Corps experience defined and shaped my life and for that, I am grateful.”

The Peace Corps and Fiji became Anne’s life from 1985 to 1987. “The first year had its ups and downs as I adjusted to another culture,” recalls Anne. “During the second year I became more comfortable with the language and became part of Fiji’s warm and supportive community.” Anne admits that leaving the people of Fiji was one of the hardest things she has ever had to do.

Anne has a B.A. in Physics from Amherst College and an Ed.M. with a concentration in international education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. In her spare time, she continues to be an avid world traveler (keeping the number of countries she has visited greater than her age in years) and also enjoys reading, music, yoga, hiking and biking. She and her partner, Murty (RPCV Fiji 1990-1992), reside in Oakton, VA. Her interest in the preservation of stories and objects extends beyond the work of the Museum to a more personal project — digitizing her grandparents’ and other family members’ histories and travels. She is also credited with starting the Peace Corps tradition in her family, with multiple members having served over three generations and four countries/continents.

“We are delighted to welcome Anne Baker to the Board,” said Zack Klim, Director of the Museum of the Peace Corps Experience. “The Museum has enjoyed a rich and rewarding relationship with Anne for many years. She championed the Museum while at the National Peace Corps Association and we are thrilled to have her more directly engaged in daily operations and strategic planning. Her expertise and deep knowledge of the Museum and the RPCV community will make her an invaluable contributor to the mission and continued growth of the institution.”

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