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Call for new volunteers

Numerous Returned Peace Corps Volunteers are donating objects and writing stories; so many, in fact, that we are seeking more members able to volunteer even a few hours a week in current Museum activities.

Tasks in the following activities are waiting to be addressed as quickly as possible: 

  • MARKETING – reaching members and beyond through traditional marketing streams and social media 
  • COLLECTIONS — managing and cataloging objects, and curating exhibits
  • WRITING/EDITING — editing stories for publication and creating outreach messages 
  • MULTIMEDIA — enhancing website and expanding virtual exhibits 
  • FUNDRAISING — researching and writing grant proposals and planning new fundraising venues
  • ADMINISTRATION — supporting behind-the-scenes operation; e.g. bookkeeping, project managing, etc.

If you can offer assistance in any task aligning with these activities and can devote 2 – 5 hours/week, please send a description of your experience or brief resume to contactus@peacecorpsmuseum.org.  We will refer your message to appropriate volunteers in your area of interest, and you’ll receive a response within a week.  

We live across the U.S. and beyond. Our meetings are by phone or Zoom. Most activities – except those involving the collections in Portland, Oregon and Washington, DC – are not tied to geographic locations.

We hope you can become active in our mission to preserve, celebrate, and publicize six decades of contributions from Peace Corps Volunteers.  Join us on a new level!

Nicola Dino, Co-Chair

Patricia A. Wand, Co-Chair

Museum of the Peace Corps Experience