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Cheers to Volunteers! Kudos to Members!

Hat’s off to the volunteers who are turning the Museum into a virtual and physical reality. Their contributions of time and talent, quietly lent behind the scenes, are moving dreams into reality. Joining them in financial support are numerous Museum members who help with the things that only money can buy. We are grateful for every donation – of time, talent, and treasure.

Each volunteer dedicates time to the museum for one reason or another. Below are a few of those reasons, in the words of the volunteers themselves.

Marla Bush, Chad 1968 – 1970

Initially, I wanted to get my own objects into the museum but was lured into volunteering by my previous museum work in Chad and in honor of my late husband, a Curator Emeritus, Smithsonian Museum of History and Technology.

Peter Deekle, Iran 1968 – 1970, Secretary

My library administration experience motivates me to contribute to collecting objects and preserving the historic legacy of the Peace Corps service experience.

Jeanne D’Haem, Somalia 1968 – 1970

I volunteer for the Museum because the Peace Corps has been significant in my life and I want to see this important work continue.

Nicola Dino, Ecuador 1993 – 1997, Co-chair 

I believe that sharing cultures creates opportunities to live in a peaceful world.

Avriel Glass, Indonesia 2019 – 2020

It’s fascinating to hear the differences among the volunteer experiences.

Katie Halloran, Indonesia 2019 – 2020

Working with the museum allows me to continue my service that was cut short due to the pandemic.

Michael Haviland, Colombia 1962 – 1964

In my heart I believe that the institution of the Peace Corps is the most important international, peaceful initiative that our country has ever engaged in. It must be preserved.

Ali Kahn, Benin 1976 – 1977

When I learned about the effort to establish a Museum of the Peace Corps Experience, I jumped at the opportunity to volunteer and combine my creative interests with content and a mission that is close to my heart.

Judith Madden-Sturges, Peru 1964 – 1965

I volunteer for the Museum of the Peace Corps Experience because I think that when we interact with a Peace Corps Volunteer for even a moment or two sometime in our lives, violence stops and communication becomes peaceful. Forever.

Debbie Manget, St. Lucia 1978 – 1979 

Preserving the history of the Peace Corps experience is crucial and rewarding; it’s essential to save the experience for the world to see.

John Rude, Ethiopia (Eritrea) 1962 – 1964, Vice President

The Museum revives my Peace Corps idealism and I love challenges.

Bill Saphir, Thailand 1967 – 1970, Treasurer

The Museum of the Peace Corps Experience actually establishes a fourth goal:  Preserving the Peace Corps Legacy.  I love being a part of making this a reality.

Brian Sekelsky, Tanzania 2016 – 2018

The Museum of the Peace Corps Experience is an interesting organization with technical needs that drove me to come forward with the IT skills I can contribute. 

Mark Standley, South Korea 1976 – 1979

It’s a chance to help fellow Returned Peace Corps Volunteers share and secure their souvenirs of service.

Patricia Wand, Colombia 1963 – 1965, Co-chair 

I work with the Museum in order to make Peace Corps values more visible through the voices of volunteers themselves.

Christine Wolf, Poland 1996 – 1998

The power of individual, cross-cultural relationships that Peace Crops makes possible are the best way to foster global understanding, cooperation, respect, and compassion; ultimately creating more equity and peace.  Those stories need to be told. A museum is necessary to preserve and celebrate this history.

Thank you, volunteers, for persevering and for your hard work. And thank you, Museum members, for carrying us to the next financial level.