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Museum of the Peace Corps Experience and Peace Corps Commemorative Foundation Join Forces to Tell the Peace Corps Story

Raising the Peace Corps Flag

Peace Corps Commemorative Foundation & Museum of the Peace Corps Experience will join forces to tell the Peace Corps Story.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Peace Corps Commemorative Foundation and the Museum of the Peace Corps Experience are pleased to announce an agreement that formalizes our strategic relationship and shared goal of establishing a physical presence in our nation’s capital dedicated to telling the story of the Peace Corps and the values that unite our community.

The collaboration will focus primarily on shaping, enriching, and sustaining the content and quality of the Peace Corps Park and Museum visitor experiences to ensure that our collective audience learns about and is inspired by the role of the Peace Corps as a vital part of American and world history. 

“We imagine an experience wherein visitors explore interactive exhibits on peace education, foreign cultures, and the history of Peace Corps at the Museum paired with a park visit that fosters reflection and community,” says Zack Klim, Director of the Museum of the Peace Corps Experience. “This agreement is an important step in realizing this vision together.” 

Peace Corps Foundation Chief Advancement Officer Glenn Blumhorst noted “Our close and collaborative relationship with the Museum of the Peace Corps Experience makes strategic sense, as we seek to bring Peace Corps Park alive through an interactive visitor experience that is both educational and inspiring.” 

By formalizing this joint effort based on our shared interests, both organizations commit to telling the entirety of the Peace Corps story, ensuring that visitors — physical and virtual — understand the unique value of service both at home and abroad, the consequential achievements of Peace Corps volunteers and their host-country counterparts, and the timeless American ideals that motivate volunteer service.

Through our joint efforts, we will soon establish a permanent, physical presence for the values of cross-cultural collaboration, partnership and friendship that create a more equitable and peaceful world.

The Peace Corps Commemorative Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization authorized by the U.S. Congress to establish a national commemorative work on federal land in Washington, D.C. to recognize the historic significance of the establishment of the Peace Corps in 1961 and to honor the timeless American ideals on which the Peace Corps was founded.

The Museum of the Peace Corps Experience is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization dedicated to collecting and preserving stories and objects of material culture donated by volunteers who serve in communities around the globe. It fosters cultural understanding through education and promotes research on the impact of the Peace Corps, encouraging visitors to serve — wherever they live, however they can.

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Peace Corps Commemorative Foundation

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