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Portraits of Peace Corps Pride

This Pride Month we share RPCV perspectives from the LGBTQ+ community. Museum volunteer Arianna Richard and NPCA Board Member Jeffrey Janis share their stories about the challenges of authenticity in different cultural contexts and the power of acceptance. The Museum would like to increase representation from the LGBTQ+ community in the collection and on our volunteer team. Please share this message with those who might be interested in supporting our efforts.

Outright International, a non-profit which advocates for LGBTQ+ human rights around the globe, reports that 105 countries held Pride events in 2022. However, 65 countries still have laws that criminalize same-sex relations among consenting adults and 13 countries criminalize transgender identity and expression. The Museum stands in solidarity with LGBTQ+ people in all countries and seeks to create a space where all people can bring their whole selves and be met with acceptance.

Arianna (Ari) Richard Eswatini 2017-2019 The first time someone called me their daughter in Eswatini, I felt intensely grateful before a sadness descended into my chest.
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Jeffrey Janis Ukraine 2004 –2006 Upon my arrival in Ukraine in 2004, the Peace Corps staff advised me not to tell my host family or my Ukrainian friends that I was gay or Jewish.
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