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Student Project And Knives

Student’s school project (L)
Mohamed Attayeh Ahmed, c. 1969
Hargeisa, Northern region, Somalia (also known as Somaliland)
Colored pencil on paper
Courtesy of Stanford University Libraries and Jeanne D’Haem

Somalia, Arabsiyo and Hargeisa 1968–70

Knives (R)
Tumal people, mid-twentieth century
Somalia (also known as Somaliland)
Metal, wood, leather, dimensions variable
Collection, Museum of the Peace Corps Experience

Gift of Martin Kaplan (Founder, MPCE), Somalia, Borama, Amoud 1962–63 and Las Anod 1963–64

Mohamed Attayeh Ahmed created this advertisement about Somali handicrafts, such as the spear donated by Martin Kaplan:

Camel Bell, Spear, Dagger, Stick, Women’s Comb

Lucky tourists watch the Somali crafts
Lucky tourists get the chance to visit the beloved Somalia!
Have a look at the interesting, beautiful, and magnificent crafts.
I can’t verbally summarize the multiple, elegant and attractive crafts!
One might get the pleasure only if one visits the ancient land of Punt.
Through the centuries we were skilled in crafts!
Here in addition you should see how skilled and experienced we are in handicrafts.
Your own eyes will surely be the witness.
It’s sure you’ll be impressed and will appreciate us.
Don’t lose any opportunity!