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Iconic Calls to Join the Peace Corps

When you joined the Peace Corps, were you responding to the poster: Make America a Better Place: Leave the Country? Those edgy Peace Corps posters set a tone and helped inspire more than 240,000 Americans to see How Much You Can Give and to Go In Peace by joining the Peace Corps. Dozens of professional artists and graphic designers were sending you a message. Did you get it?

From July 10 to October 16, Museum of the Peace Corps Experience will exhibit 40 posters and ads donated by returned Peace Corps volunteers. The exhibit is hosted by ArtReach Gallery, 1126 Southwest Park Ave., Portland, Oregon.

See these and 40 similar images this summer at a unique exhibit in Portland, Oregon.

The exhibit will cost over $10,000 and the Museum Board has contributed half this amount. Please help close the gap with a gift of $25, $50, or $100. Donors who contribute $500 or more before June 28, 2022 will be listed in the catalog. CLICK HERE to donate to the Museum of the Peace Corps Experience. Direct questions or comments to

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